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So here is my first blog / news feed. A little bit about whats happening with my art and ideas, experiments, interests and perhaps my plans for the future...... who knows!





Very excited to have been selected as one of the Six RE printmakers who will form the Print Collectors Club (PCC) for 2018. My fellow PPC members will be Hillary Paynter (President of the RE 2006-11) Ian Chamberlain, Paul Catherall, Sally Mclaren and James Boyd Brent. Each member will produce a print (max paper size 40cm x 30cm) in an edition of 30. The set will be on display in the Bankside Gallery all year round and another set will form part the V&A's permanent collection. (Always exciting to have a piece of work in a national collection, so a part of my artwork has found its place in the future history of the RE, beyond myself and my lifetime....)

History: - The Print Collectors Club was established in 1921 by the second President Frank Short. Each year 6 members of the Society are selected by the President and the Chairperson of the Print Collectors Club, to form the Print Collectors Club Group. 2018 will also be the bi-centenary and birth year of the founder and 1st President of the RE, Francis Seymour Haden.
Membership of the club: is £35, the prints are sold to PCC members for £100.  
For information: Conatct Bankside Gallery info@banksidegallery.com or Tel. 020 7928 7521

Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers   Fellows Certificate

Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers
Fellows Certificate

Royal Society of Painter-printmakers

Elected An Associate Feb 2017

In February 2017 I was elected as an associate member of the Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers. For me a great honor and an ambition... I would say fulfilled, but in reality an ambition that has just begun. Being elected as an associate is just the beginning, the next step will be to be elected a 'Fellow' of the society, but in order for that to happen I need play an active role in the society, and to progress and grow my own practice.

Membership of the Society itself has already offered a boost to my practice and visability. The RE holds three annual exhibitions of members work as well as 2 others as 'open calls'. In addition to this during the course of the year other opportunities arise, to be involved in shows with galleries that have fostered links with the RE, and even some overseas organizations building relationships with the RE and Bankside Gallery.

Being elected is not a simple or easy matter and is an endorsement of your current practice, the level of technical as well as artistic proficiency achieved.. Thank you RE !

The Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers (RE), were known until 1991 as the Royal Society of Painter-Etchers and Engravers. The RE was established in London in 1880 and given a Royal Charter in 1888.
The Society was established for the promotion of original etching as an art form. The first six fellows, all elected on 31 July 1880, were Francis Seymour Haden, Heywood Hardy, Hubert von Herkomer, Alphonse Legros, Robert Walker Macbeth and James Tissot. By 1911 King George V granted a Charter of Incorporation and the Bye-laws. In 1920 the membership was expanded to allow artists who produced prints from media other than metal, which allowed the election of woodcut artists.

The Presidents of the Society were: Sir Francis Seymour Haden (1880–1910), Sir Francis Short (1910–1938), Malcolm Osborne (1938–1962), Robert Austin (1962–1970), Paul Drury (1970–1975), Harry Eccleston (1975–1989), and Joseph Winkelman (1989–1995), David Carpanini (1995–2003), Anita Klein (2003–2006), Hilary Paynter (2006–11), Dr Bren Unwin (2011–13) and currently Mychael Barratt (2013–).

The Arborealists:  The Art of the Tree    (Book)  ISBN 978-1-908326-86-7

The Arborealists: The Art of the Tree
(Book)  ISBN 978-1-908326-86-7

Artist Group - The Arborealsts

I joined the Arborealists group in 2015, after seeing their first major exhibition at The Royal West of England Academy in Bristol. I was both surprised and very happy to find a group of people who like myself are 'ever so slightly' obsessed with the idea of portraying the tree in art. And yet we all do it so differently..... this is a big part of why the exhibitions are so powerful and interesting for people to see, and why I personally find the group such and inspiring experience to be a part of. 

As Arborealist's we come from all different parts of the UK and France. 

Since 2015 the group has gone from strength to strength, now with almost 50 talented and diverse artists. The shows are increasing too, from an original expectation of perhaps 1 a year, we are now looking at 3 a year, with exhibitions planned in for several years to come! The group seems to have hit on a time when the environment we live in is increasingly coming to the fore of peoples thoughts. And who does not have a memory or experience of a tree somewhere that has touched their lives? 

We are currently working on a project, looking at Lady Park Woods in the most eastern part of Wales in the beautiful Wye Valley. We were invited to observe and draw these woods by George Peterken, the ecologist who is involved in the monitoring and recording of information about the trees and the environment within Lady Park Woods. And who has informed us in some detail about the characteristics of the place, and the nature of how these woods have behaved in recent years. This particular woodland is protected and deliberately 'unmanaged'. It was last coppiced in 1870, then allowed to grow tall. In 1942 it was partly felled for the war effort, but in 1944 the Forestry commission decided to protect the wood for the purpose of studying the natural ecological processes. So it has been left to its own devices for the past 75 years (apart from the fence to keep out the deer).  The wood itself is on the steep valley walls downstream from Symonds Yat, and is a veritable vertical landscape, with the impossibly tall tress sitting one above the other all the way to the top. 

I'm not yet sure how I will respond to this landscape..... I have some ideas, but they need some time...... wait and see!

Exploring the woods...... April 2017

Exploring the woods...... April 2017

Entering the woods....... April 2017

Entering the woods....... April 2017